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Peaches Skin Care

Peaches focuses on helping you achieve perfect skin.  We don’t subscribe to the belief that multiple treatments, products, and methods are required to achieve a perfect complexion.  With that in mind we offer one, and only one, facial that is highly effective on every skin type and condition. Each step in our facial and every ingredient in our natural products is hand selected for its efficacy in treating and healing the skin naturally.  Regardless of your skin condition or it’s severity, introducing the Peaches regiment will deliver quality results that last a lifetime.

Our belief is simple- no peels, no lasers, no injectables, no pills, no foundation – only non invasive procedures.  Your skin is the largest organ and most visible part of your body and we can help you make it beautiful through a combination of our facials and products.  The Peaches Skin Care line is a naturally derived, antioxidant focused program that gives your skin the nutrients it craves. This is how we work on healing your skin and giving you a glowing skin tone.  We make luxury skin care attainable for every person.

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Salon Locations

Each Peaches location is a representation of our community. Our salons reflect who we are as a business, but more importantly, they reflect who we try to be as people. The communities around our business become more like families we see on a daily basis; ask around and you'll be hard pressed to find someone who isn't familiar with at least one of our staff. From Long Beach, CA to Cincinnati, OH, Peaches salons are incredibly involved with the community as well as the businesses that surround them.

No two of our locations are the same. The salons are impeccably designed to be comfortable and inviting to our clients. Come visit us and see the Peaches difference.

Our Products

Peaches products are specifically crafted for use both during our facial as well as at home.  Each product is rigorously tested and crafted to ensure that only the highest quality, naturally derived ingredients make it into our bottles.  In our skin care line you’ll find grapefruit, blueberry, coffee, pure vitamin A, and many more easily recognizable ingredients. What you won’t find, however, are any harmful preservatives, acids, synthetic colors, fillers, or chemicals.  Only the best antioxidants make it into our salons and onto your face.


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