Free shipping at $150+!

Free shipping at $150+!

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A: Peaches Skin Care is committed to producing high quality products with natural and approachable ingredients. We are equally committed to providing excellent customer service during every interaction with our clients. It is our hope that all of our products perform to the high standard we hold them to; however, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will accept returns of any of our products within a 30-day timeframe after your initial purchase.

A: The Peaches Prescription Sheet is our go to instructional handout that gives a detailed description of how and when to use each of our products. This sheet will be sent out with each purchase, but for those looking to get a downloadable copy, you can find our Prescription Sheet here!

A: To understand exactly how to use our products, you can refer to both our prescription sheet and the back of each bottle. On the rear of each bottle there are instructions on how and when to use each product. Additionally, there are resources available on our youtube channel regarding product order and instructions. You can find a link to our channel here!

A: All Peaches packages are non-refundable. This is explained at length during the first consultation and again before every subesquent package purchase.

A:This is a question we get asked frequently. Our skin care philosophy is results based and not “comfort” oriented. This is not to say that we do not have a relaxing facial; our facial features an extensive amount of massage to stimulate blood-flow and create a relaxing environment. This being said, our ultimate goal is always to improve the skin, not just to give it a surface level treatment. The only way we are able to deliver the consistent and amazing results we are known for is by providing reliable and frequent treatments to the skin. The last thing that we want is for one of our clients to get a facial, experience normal, but less frequently seen, reactions such as purging, slight flaking of the skin, and temporarily increased redness and think that the treatment is failing or at fault. These reactions are normal when getting a first time peaches facial and are even relatively common as we continue to bring up new skin. Rest assured though, these reactions WILL GO AWAY. This is perfectly normal and is to be expected.

We always work towards making the skin look younger, healthier, and more natural and want to ensure that you get every penny’s worth of value from your package. This is the primary reason why we have a no-refund policy in place for our packages

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