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Free shipping at $150+!

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"This is not a company that tries to steal your money; these are great people sharing their ability to help you heal your skin so that you can feel better.  Buying their product benefits your skin because they are PURE (unlike over the counter creams and cleansers that are packed with who knows what."

- A.R.

"Their skin care line is AMAZING.  I’ve never been one to buy salon products but I have the entire line and it does make a difference.  You can SEE a difference in your skin when you use the Peaches line versus a product that is loaded with chemicals.  She also has a few neat remedies that seem a little strange...but they totally work."

- M.B

Ever since I started receiving regular treatments (facials,microdermabrasion, and microcurrent) and following through on your recommendations for at-home care, my skin has improved dramatically with a smoother texture, less scarring and hyperpigmentation, and hardly a breakout to be seen.  What’s particularly telling is that I can leave my home without wearing any foundation except for sunblock and a slight sweep of powder.

- E.Y.

"It really is a pleasure to come in each month for my facial.  Your staff has patiently taught me how to properly care for my skin (I’m not always the most willing student), and your skin care products are amazing.  The facials and massage are always relaxing - I think I even fell asleep during my last one.

Thank you for all you do - my face has never looked better!!"

- L.H.

Before I met you I had just assumed that as I approached my fifties I would embark on the path of plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.  I had experienced facials and 'treatments' many times before and though they might have smelled and felt good, I never noticed any difference in my appearance.  After the first treatment with you I looked in the mirror and noticed a difference.  But even more exciting was the fact that other people started noticing as well.  The amazing thing was the changes didn't disappear after a few days and with each treatment my skin looked better than at the time before.  I rarely ever recommend a service but I don't hesitate to give your name to family and friends.

Thanks for making the looming big 50 not so scary.

- B.W.

"Lisa and her team are the most caring and motivational people I've met and my facials are the most relaxing time I could ask for.  If you are sitting here reading this and not sure if you want to invest the money in Peaches, I urge you to do it; seriously, just do it.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  From a girl who has tried absolutely everything and has been at the lowest of lows over her appearance, to actually looking in the mirror and feeling 100% gorgeous, please just do it!"

- A.T.

This has been one of my best investment this year. In only three months my skin has completely changed. At the beginning, of the treatment it will be hard to adjust, but listen to them and I promise you will see results. I was very self-conscious because I had to stop wearing foundation but within every facials my skin slowly started improving (texture, acne, redness, etc). Today, I am way more comfortable walking around (make-up free) and the people around me are complimenting me on how good my skin looks. I hope that to those suffering from acne (or skin problems) would find this review useful. I can assure you that Peaches Skin Care will get you to where you want to be (especially if you find yourself in the same boat as me). I love, love, love how my skin is progressing. Patience is key.

- M.B.

Your search for skin care, maintenance and natural beauty ends here! I was so grateful for having been introduced to Peaches at their Santa Barbara location years ago. I'm particularly excited about their new Naples location which cuts my travel by more than half and allows me to make more regular visits.

The owner, Lisa, and her staff are so welcoming, efficient yet thorough, and possess a strong attention to detail in their work. The product line is exemplary; delivering helpful, organic nutrients to your skin

- T.B.

Let me just start by saying this is the place you need to go if you are looking for that perfect facial/skin treatment. The staff is incredibly kind, extremely knowledgeable and deliver quality services. I was recommended to Peaches by a friend who worked at one of their locations and finally listened after trying countless over the counter products that I believed would help my persistent acne. In just a short period of time I have found my skin glowing and showing such improvement all thanks to their facials and at home regime they recommend to make sure you see the best results. Everyone in this shop goes above and beyond for their clients, not to mention quality products and services at a decent rate (which is not always common with skin care). Don't hesitate to take your first step to healthier, happier skin!! You won't regret it

- A.H.

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