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Our Philosophy

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Peaches was founded on a simple idea, one facial that has the ability to treat all skin conditions.  An unheard of idea in the industry, but one that has been proven time and time again.  Over the course of 30 years in the industry we have seen every skin condition imaginable.  From eczema, oily skin, & dry skin to cystic acne, melasma, rosacea, and many more, we've seen and treated them all.   Consistency, a high quality facial, and wholesome products are the method to our success.

Our belief is simple - no peels, no lasers, no injectables, no pills, no foundation - only non invasive procedures.  We strive to make your skin radiant and beautiful through natural methods.  Our regiment works so that your skin doesn’t have to be covered up, pulled back, scraped, burned, or chemically changed in any way.  

Acne, dark spots, and wrinkles cannot be washed or masked away, therefore, we use professional microdermabrasion, thorough extractions, high grade oxygen, and micro-current muscle work in our facials to achieve fantastic results. For acne to truly disappear, it needs to be cleaned and extracted properly.  We use our micro-current muscle work as a “facelift without surgery”, so say goodbye to deep wrinkles and hello to firmer smoother skin the natural way! All our services combined achieve the results of new and healthy skin tissue free of any blemishes. No matter the skin issue you are experiencing, we repair it through natural skin care.  We will make your skin perfect and do not settle for aged, scarred, or acne-prone skin. We love your skin and teach it to heal, breathe, live, and renew.

Your not alone in your search for healthy skin.  We're here to give you the confidence to show off your skin and love the skin you're in.  #nomakeupneeded


The Executive Team


Lisa Pfeiffer

Co-Owner & President

Lisa has been in the skin care and beauty industry for over three decades. She has had the privilege of working in every corner of the industry, from her beginnings as a makeup and makeover artist working with brands such as Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Adrien Arpel, to having the privilege of working with the finest dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in the industry.  Her first step into entrepreneurship began in Los Angeles with the mobile beauty company Beauty Moves.  Throughout her mobile business experience, she developed a passion for natural beauty and holistic skin care after countless experiences cleaning up after a client’s medical procedure.  This lead her to move south to Laguna Niguel where she began Lisa Marie Skin care, a salon that embodied her belief in a holistic approach to skin care.  After many years successfully running Lisa Marie, she decided that it was time to exit that business and begin again with a new venture by the name of Peaches Skin care.  Lisa saw that there was a gap in the industry, specifically in the form of a natural alternative to plastic surgery, medical acne cures, and physically invasive facial procedures.


Kent Pfeiffer

Co-Owner & Vice-President

Husband to Lisa and co-owner of Peaches, Kent runs the financial and operational aspects of the business. After recognizing Lisa's incredible affinity to change lives through natural skin care, the couple capitalized on their opportunity and opened the first Peaches Skin care in Santa Barbara. While Lisa was in the salon(s) day after day working to develop and perfect her Peaches Signature facial, Kent worked behind the scenes to ensure that their business was as successful as possible. From there came two moves and two more Peaches locations, each one more successful than the last. While you may not find him in the salons doing facials, rest assured that Kent's beliefs in Peaches and it's practices lie entirely in line with Lisa's.


John Brinkley

Director of Operations

John began his career not in skin care, but in the hotel and restaurant industry. After getting a degree in hotel management from Cornell University's School of Hospitality, John went to work for multiple different hotel management companies in multiple different states. Upon realizing that the hospitality management life was not one that reached his inner calling, he was hired on as the Peaches Skin care director of operations. John has been tasked with improving each and every aspect of salon operations while growing the Peaches brand. Oh, and every now and again he'll be called upon to "fix this thing thats wrong with either Lisa or Kent's phone."

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