Flawless Exfoliator

Flawless Exfoliator


This organic exfoliator provides the skin with an ample number of powerful antioxidants and Vitamin C by incorporating ingredients such as blueberries, hibiscus, coffee beans, cranberries, and other organic botanicals. These pure and high-powered ingredients allow the skin to oxygenate and detoxify itself successfully. This product will work to gently remove harmful dirt, oils, and other impurities from the skin's surface while ridding the skin of dead and damaged skin cells - calling for the prevention of clogged pores and the restoration of a dull complexion.

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How to use this product:  Use twice a day- First thing in the morning and to begin your nightly routine. Used only a pea-sized amount and follow with your Peaches Classic Cleanser.


Organic Blueberry Pulp: Organic fruit pulp is used in the prevention of human degenerative diseases. When you apply this organic blueberry pulp to your skin you are providing your skin the tools it needs to boost skin cell growth and renewal. With a boosted growth in skin cell renewal you will notice an even and healthy complexion, smoother fine lines and wrinkles, and a decrease in scar tissue and acne.

Cranberry Fibers: Cranberry is a pure antioxidant that moisturizes and brightens the skin. It helps to fight and eliminate free-radicals (Free radicals are responsible for causing wrinkles and other damages to the skin) Cranberry will also work to improve your immune system!

Hibiscus Flower: Known as the “Botox” Plant due to its ability to fight organisms responsible for breaking down the skin’s natural elastin.

Coffee Beans: Coffee is fantastic for exfoliation of the skin, firming of the skin, reduction in inflammation, and brightening the skin's complexion.

Size: 8 fl oz