Classic Moisturizer

Classic Moisturizer

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This moisturizer will perfectly hydrate your skin without leaving you feeling clogged or oily. Within four weeks, clinical studies show the reduction of superficial facial lines by 36% and increased skin firmness by 21%. This complex moisturizer contains antioxidant packed ingredients, including Vitamin E, that help firm and tighten skin and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. This product is formulated to help bring up new skin tissue that is healthy and radiant.

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How to use this product:  After cleansing and toning with your Peaches Skin Care products, apply a pea-sized amount of the crème onto your skin, massaging in firm upward strokes. This is the last step of your routine and should be used both morning and night. 

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin E: Vitamin E makes the nerves stronger and helps in nourishing your skin from within. Vitamin E is used to fight wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging. Vitamin E has the power to reverse the damage done by harmful sun exposure and the free radicals in our environment.

Size: 1.7 fl oz