Remote Skin Consultation

We have a team of 25 master estheticians that are trained in diagnosing, evaluating, and advising on skin conditions of all types. If you ever are not able to come to one of our salons to physically see one of these amazing technicians, this remote consultation offers you the time and opportunity to get evaluated remotely by one of our team members. After purchasing this service, one of our team members will reach out to figure out a mutually agreed upon time to schedule a phone/video (whichever you would prefer) call in which they will sit down with you one-on-one to help you with whatever skin malady you may be facing! Be sure to select which location you are closest to, or, if you don’t visit us already, whichever location you wish!

Expect this service to last anywhere from 25-35 minutes and come with any and every question you may have.

This is a very personalized, in depth consultation that will evaluate the skin on a micro level. We are always available for one-off questions about products, but this service is to help diagnose and correct any more serious issues or concerns.