What's New in Our Cleansers and Exfoliators

Over the past year, Peaches Skin Care has been making some changes to our skin care products. There have been a handful of clients that have noticed a change in consistency, color, ingredients, and labels on many, if not all of our products. Some products have seen larger changes than others, but the overall change to each product has been very minimal. 

At Peaches Skin Care we are always striving to make our product as clean and effective on the skin as possible while keeping the basis of each product the same.  As we tell each and every one of our clients, our products are built around giving your skin the pure antioxidants it needs to thrive!  Across the entire line, the skin will have everything it needs to stay youthful and vibrant.

Differences in the Flawless Exfoliator

You may notice some change in color, smell, or texture in the Peaches Skin Care products.  With the Flawless Exfoliator, for example, we have chosen to add more coffee, but why?  A recent study from the Royal Society of Chemistry has shown conclusive evidence that coffee helps our skin. When used as an exfoliant on the skin, coffee helps stimulate blood flow and provides an extraordinary antioxidant in the form of Caffeic acid to help clear skin and help with stretch marks, scaring, and acne. The results are quite incredible when used religiously.

Peaches skin care also chose to remove any unnatural scent, choosing instead to allow the coffee, cranberry, and hibiscus to come through.  Additionally, we have also added the purest form of the Hibiscus flower to the exfoliator, a form high in antioxidants and anti-aging properties.  Hibiscus is known in the industry as the “Botox” flower because of the similar effects on the skin as its colloquial name.  We reduce the flower to its most concentrated form and then add it to our exfoliator.  Not only does this help with reducing age spots on the skin, but it gives the skin a more elastic and overall youthful appearance.

Differences in Luminous

A few clients have asked why Luminous has a slight lighter color than its previous iteration.  We took out one unneeded filler and that change made the consistency lighter.  Peaches products will always try to use organic and natural antioxidants and ingredients in our products.  Because of that, there may be very minor changes from batch to batch in color and scent, but never in efficacy

Our products are evaluated for their chemical makeup prior to bottling to ensure a “Peaches Quality” product.  Do these changes mean that the product will work slower or differently?  Absolutely not; in many cases our product adjustments help the effective ingredients to penetrate the skin faster and easier than before.