The First One - Andrea

Welcome to the inaugural Peaches Skin Care blog post!  We are really excited to jump into this as sharing our knowledge and results is at the core of what we do as a business.  Our clients come to us with all different types of skin complaints.  Acne, oily skin, wrinkles, sun spots, milia (whiteheads), scarring, and overall skin damage are only some of the things that we see on a weekly basis.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’ve seen it all.  It’s also not an exaggeration to say that we’ve treated and cured it all with natural, holistic methods.  This blog is aimed at showing you exactly what we do on a daily basis.  We’re going to show you how we treat each and every client and the results of those treatments as they happen.  Our estheticians are going to be filling you in on what they see and how they approach all skin conditions.  Most importantly, we’ll be giving you an intimate look at our business as well as showing you steps you can take to have that perfect complexion year-round without the use of anything harmful to the skin.  Everything we’ll show you will be our brand of skin care, natural skin care. 



This is Andrea, a client from our Long Beach salon.  Having always had perfect skin; she moved out of state for about year and within that same year her skin took a turn.  She never wore make-up during her move, so her skin was simply unhappy with the climate change.  Being back in California she knew she had to find a solution.  Enter, Peaches Skin Care.

She has been coming to Peaches for about month now. During that time, she has had 6 facials and is using only a few of our products. Sticking to our at home routine (morning and night) is a must.  A consistent at-home plan helps to kill any bacteria from growing during normal, every-day life.  It is especially crucial for individuals who work out frequently, as Andrea does.  Because Andrea is fairly acneic, coming in weekly for the first month or two was necessary.  It helps us to let her see quicker results and help to heal scars at a faster pace. This before and after shows that consistently is key!

We’re of the mindset that we’re your skin’s personal trainer.  Something that always comes to mind when we think about this is a scene from My Big Fat Fabulous Life.  The main character Whitney is meeting with her personal trainer and her trainer notices that she’s not making the improvements she should have by this time in the program.  Upon digging deeper, he finds that she’s not sticking to her prescribed diet plan, she’s not doing the at home work, and she’s simply going through the motions.  He then decides that he’s “breaking up” with her as a client!  He’s there to help her get results, and results won’t come unless she gives him her full commitment. 

Now, we’re not as extreme as this personal trainer, but we are similar.  We know how quickly progress should be made if our clients are sticking to our “Peaches Prescription” and we will let you know how varying from this prescription can negatively impact your progress.   It’s vital that clients stay consistent with our recommendations to achieve their skin goals.  We’ll give you the tools needed to get clients there, but it’s up to them to stick with the recommendations.  Andrea is only one of the thousands of clients that have proven this.  We still have some progress to be made, but we’re thrilled with how far she’s come in such a short amount of time.