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TOTALLY AMAZING. I have never had a facial before because I always kind of viewed facials as unnecessary and kind of a luxury thing that rich people did UNTIL I started getting acne at the age of 21. And like most people I knew nothing about acne; the different kinds, how it spreads, why it spreads, what kind of products make it worse or better and WHY... and most importantly the ways that medications work vs. cosmetic surgery and I mean the list goes on and on because doctors don't educate, and companies are really just trying to sell you products.

Before my facial at Peaches Skin Care I was greeted so nicely; asked if I wanted anything to drink, if i needed to use the restroom before the facial; i mean it was obvious from the beginning that the girls working are really passionate about what they do and want the customer to feel comfortable. Once I entered the room i put on the robe and was attended to promptly after. The room itself was incredibly calming; there was music, and the chair that the facial was given in was comfortable and came with a blanket to put over yourself so that you didn't feel exposed in any way.

What I loved the most about the process of this facial is that they educate you throughout the facial. I was always explained what they were doing and WHY. This facial is extremely thorough; i wish i remembered all the names of each step but i mean they really CLEAN out your face and then follow the extraction procedure with calming and healing steps. At the end of the facial you get a massage.

I was also lucky enough to meet the owner. And I think it is extremely important for me to share how amazing she is. She thoroughly explained to me the steps and was so warm and PASSIONATE. This is not a company that tries to steal your money; these are great people sharing their ability to help you heal your skin so that you can feel better. Buying their product benefits your skin because it is PURE (unlike over the counter creams and cleansers that are packed with who knows what).

Again I would highly recommend Peaches Skin Care not only for their facials but for the type of business it is; truly here to help you, and the environment that all the girls help create.


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