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My Favorite Girls at Peaches

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When I first went to Peaches Skincare I went for waxing.  Last year I started to get terrible adult acnes.  Previously I had only had a few blemishes here and there, but I had developed bad acne, especially around my chin and mouth.  One day, LIsa and Michelle asked me how I was taking care of my skin and told me all about their facials and skincare.  It was immediately different from all of the other dermatologists I had been too or things on TV I thought would work.  I had been desperate for a solution to my newly developed acne, since it was affecting how I felt every day, embarrassed and unconfident about how my skin looked.  I had tried dermatologist prescribed creams and gels and after those didn't do anything, I had started using a system that was too harsh for my skin and never seemed to clear it, and only dry it.

The girls at Peaches talked to me about MY skin.  They told me I could not use makeup anymore, and I said "No makeup? How am I supposed to cover all of my acne?" They assured me at the time that I wouldn't have to use makeup anymore, that I could get my skin back to how it used to be.  I was nervous and excited, but after LIsa explained to me how at Peaches they have their own custom designed skin care line with natural ingredients, how their facials clean and extract and how microdermabrasion and micro current work would erase my acne scarring over time and get rid of all of the redness I had, I was ready for a new way of treating my acne!

After my first facial with Michelle, she explained to me about what my skin needed and how to improve it, NATURALLY.  After my very first facial (which was, and still are incredibly luxurious, and relaxing) I noticed a difference, my skin had life to it again, it felt cleaner than ever before and my friends and family noticed it too.  They informed me of some other simple and natural remedies and went over a program for me to use for my skin.  After just 2 facials at Peaches my skin looked amazing, and I was no longer wearing the heavy and thick foundation, power and concealero, my skin looked healthy and vibrant all on its own.  After a month of using Peaches skincare cleanser, moisturaizer and masks, my inflamed acne visibly went away, and the microderm magically made my scars fade.

My skin is now under control, and is healthy- the thing I love most about Peaches are that there are no tricks, no secret ingredients, no skin drying, it is simply all natural and your skin will LOVE it.  You don't just use products, you learn a new way of dealing with your skin, you learn more about skin and what to use and what not to use. It is essential.  I love getting facials there; the girls are so accommodating, lovely, and caring.  They are so helpful as well.  If it weren't for them I would still be hiding under heavy liquid foundation, and instead I can go out without makeup on, just a little mascara and lip gloss and I feel totally confident!

Thank You Peaches!!!


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