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Dear Peaches Skincare - Thank You

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I have struggled with my skin for years, trying everything imaginable from treatments to diets, to get rid of my acne.  Nothing has ever worked and I have hidden behind make-up and under hats many times.  The problem with having bad skin is that it invades every part of my life - I am stripped of my confidence and want to hide away where no one can see me whenever I have a flare up (and that is often!). Acne has been a constant worry and caused me so much shame.

Peaches has changed that.  I never thought I would be free from the burden of ane.  My skin - the texture, color and clarity - has drastically improved, and perhaps most important of all, I feel confident that I can now properly care for my skin problems when they arise.

Lisa has provided a space for me to ask questions and grow more confident without ever feeling bad about myself the way I used to.  The kindness and skill of the Peaches staff is unlike that of any other salon I have every been to - I feel truly blessed that I have finally found a place where my skin condition can be addressed and I feel respected and valued as a client.

Thank you so much LIsa for all of your kindness and encouragement.  I look forward to every visit to Peaches, knowing that my skin will continue to get better, that you provide the best products and treatments, and that I will always leave feeling rlaxed and cared for than when I arrived.


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