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Dear Michelle & all the other beautiful Peaches girls

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I've always had trouble with my skin - actually trouble is an understatement.  I've been dealing with milia (according to dictionary.com they are "tiny white bumps or small cysts on the skin") - yeah definitely not cute especially when you have an oily face to accentuate them.  As if the milia wasn't enough I also dealt with severe cystic breakouts and blackheads.  

I'd tried facials in the past but at other spas the facial revolves around an effort to create a relaxing experience, which is great, but then when it's over I still look at my acne and want to cry, lol.  I actually also had a terrible experience with a facial where I got my cheeks severely burned so after that I was skeptical to say the least.  

Anyways one day I had a facial with my good old pal Michelle and I mean my life pretty much changed - sounds cliche but it's true.  Not only does the lovely, serene atmosphere and professionalism at Peaches create a relaxing facial experience, but afterwards my face felt radiant!!  And I know what your thinking, "that's cool! but the next day not so much... and the next not at all..." Peaches is different.  My skin felt better for weeks and as I continued to come in and get facials my skin as a whole continued to improve.  After years of retin-A and topical creams that did nothing for me, all this yummy-smelling, natural stuff really works!! And milk of magnesia is a gift from the gods, I'll never go without it again.  

In conclusion, at the risk of sounding like an informercial girl, Peaches is unreal.  It's uniquely exquisite.  Unlike other spas, they actually seek to help your skin long term.  I'm in love, can you tell?

Lots of love,

PS I love the oodles of massage too!


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