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After Your Purchase

You will notice happier and healthier skin upon first use of our Peaches Skin Care products! Each of our products are based on a university study that proves only pure antioxidants can penetrate and heal the skin. Our products will not only penetrate and heal your skin to the full extent, but they will allow the skin to purge damaged tissue and toxins that may be lodged within your skin’s surface, calling for a clear, bright and even complexion!

Information upon purchasing our products

Our products work to train the skin to naturally heal and renew itself. Many of the products you find at other retailers contain harsh chemicals that can damage the skin over time. Peaches’ proprietary skincare line contains none of these chemicals, but instead focuses on providing the exact nutrients that will assist in revitalizing the skin naturally. When you provide your skin with the proper nutrients it is then able to purge itself of unhealthy toxins that may be lodged within the skin’s surface as well as shed any old or damaged skin tissue. If you notice some of these purging effects, rest assured that it is perfectly natural and will not last.

Liquid foundation is the #1 cause of acne and aging. It is important to know that we advise against use of liquid foundation or any other liquid based BB or CC creams. Your skin cannot recognize harsh chemicals and unnatural substances, so when you apply these unnatural makeups it sends your skin into defense mode which results in deeper wrinkles, harsh acne, blackheads, etc. To avoid your skin entering defense mode due to damaging makeups, please follow our ‘Makeup Recommendation Sheet’ and continue to nourish your skin the proper way with healthy ingredients!

We advise our clients against mixing our products with any other product line. Many other product lines contain chemicals and impure ingredients which clash with our purely natural and organic ingredients and cause your skin to go into defense-mode. We use very pure and natural ingredients in our products. We work very hard to ensure the greatest quality for each of our ingredients to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible. Pure ingredients do not like impure/man-made ingredients! With use of our product line alone, you can avoid the defense-mode and continue on the road to radiant skin! To avoid any negative reaction discuss with us any products you may be currently using or wishing to continue use of so that we can check the ingredients and be sure they aren’t damaging your skin’s health!

When you choose organic/natural skin care, you are choosing products whose ingredients work with the sophisticated natural systems of your skin! Our salons provide for our clients a ‘Peaches Prescription Sheet’, which explains the order in which we use our products as well as our at-home suggestions, and ‘Make-up Recommendations’! We are happy to provide you a copy with your order!

For any additional questions please utilize our Contact Peaches Skin Care form or contact any of our salon locations, where we will be more than happy to assist you!

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