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Peaches Skin Care Products

Have you tried many different facials or products and nothing is helping your skin? Let us tell you why Peaches products are different:

Most of our clients come into our salons thinking they have “oily” skin, “dry” skin, “sensitive” skin, “acne prone” skin, etc. Your skin reacts that way because of something in your routine that it doesn’t like. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it has amazing defense mechanisms- if you harm it or are harsh with it, it WILL thicken to protect itself, thus causing deep lines, clogged pores and dark spots. Proper exfoliation and the RIGHT facials can bring up beautiful, healthy skin. Our products have helped thousands of clients over the years maintain their skin at home with our results driven regime. All of our products do a specific job, and we highly recommend you purchase the line in full if you can. You WILL notice a difference when you are nourishing your face with proper antioxidants and removing harsh products that made your skin go into defense mode. We are excited for you to experience the true Peaches' glow!

Why does it work so well?

We have been using the same products with fantastic results for 20 years now. We have our products manufactured here in America, and they are based on a Harvard University study that found that only pure antioxidants penetrate the skin. Just like eating an apple for your body provides numerous benefits, the pure antioxidants in our products do the same for your skin.

Peaches Skin Care Products and Salons:

  • Do not settle for mediocrity
  • Use only the best facial skin care products possible
  • No bad chemicals, fillers, synthetic colors, or preservatives at Peaches!
  • Products are proudly made in America!

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